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Are there any activities we can do in Bangkok other than shopping? Here Four interesting activities to enjoy the coexistence of tradition and modernity in Bangkok . 1.        Boat-sightseeing along the Chao Phraya river Bangkok transforms into a cosmopolitan city with sophisticated public transportation systems such as the uplifted Skytrain and the underground MRT. However, since the great Chao Phraya river flows through the city, people still use the boat to travel around. The boat ride would be interesting that we can see beautiful temples or even the biggest shopping mall by the river. So, w hat are you waiting for? Let's j oin Chao Phraya boat tour for sightseeing along the river.   2.        Jogging at Lumpini Park The government provides several green areas for public among the concrete jungle of Bangkok. One of them is Lumphini Park. There is a running track around this spacious park with the trees and artificial yet lovely lakes. No wonder, many people