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Are there any activities we can do in Bangkok other than shopping? Here Four interesting activities to enjoy the coexistence of tradition and modernity in Bangkok.

1.       Boat-sightseeing along the Chao Phraya river
Bangkok transforms into a cosmopolitan city with sophisticated public transportation systems such as the uplifted Skytrain and the underground MRT. However, since the great Chao Phraya river flows through the city, people still use the boat to travel around. The boat ride would be interesting that we can see beautiful temples or even the biggest shopping mall by the river. So, what are you waiting for? Let's join Chao Phraya boat tour for sightseeing along the river. 

2.       Jogging at Lumpini Park
The government provides several green areas for public among the concrete jungle of Bangkok. One of them is Lumphini Park. There is a running track around this spacious park with the trees and artificial yet lovely lakes. No wonder, many people usually do jogging here. Birds chirping, the cool air and everything make the great atmosphere. Find out how atmospheric this place could be while jogging here!

3.       Movie experience in the Oldest Cinema
Siam area becomes very popular for hangout since several big shopping malls are close to one another. Surprisingly, we can find an old stand-alone cinema –which is hardly to find nowadays, among the stores in Siam Square named Scala. This cinema was built in 1969 with modernist and art-deco style with amazing interior details. It has o nly one big-curvy screen i think it's twice bigger than the usual screen with a thousand seats. The ticket price may differ depends on the seat category but still cheaper than the other latest cinemas ticket price. Let’s bring back the old era of moviegoer experience once stepping in the lobby!

4.       Tasting the Michelin-Star street food
Street food is always interesting and the taste can be unique. Jay Fai’s place is the 'most wanted' food stall in Bangkok after getting one Michelin star –trusted rating system for the best restaurants around the world, and this is the first Thai street food to get this award. Moreover, Jay Fai herself cooks all the dishes as ordered right away. Her crab omelet and drunken noodles are the-must-try dishes. It opens at 2 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday. Though the queuing is no joke but people still keep coming. Are you dare enough to join the crowd?

P.S.: This writing actually is an assignment from my english teacher. I think this could be an opportunity for me to publish my first English article in this blog. So, here it is.

P.S.S.: Later after submitting my assignment, I met my friend from Columbia University and I asked to check my writing. I learned much from him. Then I revised some sentences and published it.


  1. I want to join that boat trip ... Next year i'm planning to visit Thailand.. can't wait..

    -Traveler Paruh Waktu

    1. let me know your story then :) i will be happy to have discussion about your itinerary for Thai trip

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